Getting you up and running

Dynamo Net offers fast and reliable connections without binding contract restriction period. You will only pay until the end of the termination month and the installation month is free. Customer service in Swedish, Finnish or English by local persons is appreciated by our customers.

You can connect to the network via optical fiber cable, via wireless connection or in case you live in an apartment, via telephone socket. We deliver complete installations so that you, as a customer, won’t need to do more than sit down with the computer and surf the internet after the installation. All equipment (fiber receiver, modem or antenna) that is needed for the connection is loaned or borrowed from us. In case you want to connect several computers or devices we recommend that you obtain a router. If you want, we can help you with the acquisition and installation of the router.

Dynamo Net provides also internet connections in Suupohjan Seutuverkko’s and KrsNET’s networks. Read more about the different alternatives on their respective tabs. In case you want you can make an enquiry on availability or order a connection, fill in the form right on the page or contact us directly!

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For you who pay bills, randomly surf the web and use social medias and blogs.

For you who download pictures, listen to music and watch streamed content, play games online or upload large data files.

For households where everybody want to surf the web, play online games, stream movies and series - simultaneously!